What is a lone worker?
A mobile or lone worker is regarded as somebody that spends at least 20% of their working hours away from home or their main place of work. These workers may be social service workers on home visits, environmental staff working in remote locations or even traffic wardens for example.

Lone working is a complex topic and demands careful consideration since it is subject to potentially harsh consequences under current Health & Safety legislation. As an employer of lone workers, the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, requires that you identify and assess the risks and take steps to minimise them.

Any member of staff who faces the public is at risk of verbal and physical abuse. 37% of British people have been verbally abused at work, and 7% have been physically abused. In some industries, however, assaults on staff are much more commonplace:

Elite Communications services are designed to aid compliance with health and safety regulations.

Elite Communications utilise the services of Argyll Telecom, who are the UKs market leader in wireless monitoring solutions applied to the management of human resources and monitoring of individual health, safety and wellbeing. Its services have been developed over many years and are already trusted by private individuals and over 15k commercial users within national corporations, charities, the National Health Service, Local Authorities and other Government Departments throughout the UK.

Through the use of familiar telephones and the latest mobile and telecom technologies; service users are linked to a 24-hour, 365 days a year control room utilising sophisticated voice recording systems and management software; detailed mapping and resilient control room IT systems. Argyll Telecom provides the best means of monitoring personal safety.

The care4youTM service offers a cost-effective and unobtrusive wireless solution that enables you to summons immediate assistance and for monitoring the health, welfare, security and safety of individuals thus enabling everyone to enjoy security and peace of mind both within and beyond the traditional confines of the home or office environment.

CommuniCareTM provides a low cost, but highly effective means of monitoring the time at risk, safety and whereabouts of lone workers such as field engineers and health visitors that operate independently. It incorporates the care4youTM service which enables them to summon immediate assistance to their current location.

SeekerTM. The SeekerTM location platform underpins all of our health & safety solutions. At a service level, SeekerTM is a web-based resource management and location monitoring service. It enables authorised users to accurately pinpoint the location of individual devices using a choice of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) or standard mobile phone network location technology.

A range of compatible devices enables us to satisfy a wide range of industry needs and tailor services to individual requirements. End users have a choice between the use of standard everyday mobile phones or the use of sophisticated specific for purpose telecom devices.

The On-SiteTM range is a telephone-based monitoring system designed to summon emergency assistance at any site-based accommodation. Utilising a base station and wireless triggers with a range of up to 75m it offers health, safety, security and fire cover at either a private residence or place of work. The On-SiteTM units are perfect for the home; remote offices; convenience stores; petrol stations; pharmacies or GP practices and can be utilised in temporary accommodation and can be configured to work in mobile accommodation.

The IdentiCareTM utilises the world's first mobile device specifically aimed at helping professional lone workers or those with acute health issues achieve peace of mind. Designed to look like a normal ID badge holder but with discreet duress buttons on its rear casing, IdentiCare helps address the issues faced by lone individuals and is simple to use, extremely effective and most importantly - it is always there.

The MobiCareTM is a very discreet mobile phone device with optional GPS offering limited dial functions. It contains a duress button plus 4 other contact buttons. It is perfect for deployment to staff requiring health & safety cover but with limited requirements for mobile phone usage enables costs to be controlled. It is equally appropriate for young children and the elderly.

XtremeCareTM is specifically geared for the outdoor market and hazardous sports or occupations. Incorporating GPS for accuracies of less than 10m, it's completely waterproof and designed to be worn discreetly upon your person around your arm or leg leaving both hands free to complete the task! If difficulties are encountered a simple squeeze of the unit activates an emergency call and response to your precise location.

Argyll's choice of services and innovative devices assists in many ways:

For private individuals, the Company offers support and freedom of movement; passive security and reassurance for those living alone, their families or their carers.

For business users, the Company assists employers to improve relationships by improving the moral duty of care and support they provide to their workforce and simultaneously contributes towards achievement of their legal health & safety compliance.

Current customers include Housing Associations and Councils such as North Ayrshire Council who is using Seeker - to manage, monitor and support its 100+ housing and technical staff often working in remote locations. Marie Curie Nursing Care and Argyll & Clyde Health Board have deployed CommuniCareTM to support Community Nursing staff who are often faced with difficult and abusive patients or partners and the company is currently working in partnership with organisations on initiatives committed to reducing domestic abuse.