Mobile broadband is a new technology that allows you access to the 3G mobile internet via a small portable USB modem or data card in your laptop. Mobile broadband internet is excellent if you are often on the move or use your laptop in a variety of locations, and this technology looks set to be a big part of the future in high-speed communications.

Why everybody with a laptop should have mobile broadband?

In todays marketplace, mobile broadband costs as little as £12.77 for 3gb of usage per month, which would cover the average persons usage.

Mobile Broadband services have already been launched in 68 countries, covering more than one billion people worldwide. To date, almost 500 devices have been launched worldwide with mobile broadband.

Mobile Broadband rivals the experience of wired broadband technologies, such as ADSL. It enables a wide use of applications - including email and attachments, web browsing, multimedia streaming and file downloads - both stationary and on the move.

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