Making sense of Mobile Broadband
Speeds, sizes and prices can make the decision to buy mobile broadband a confusing one. We believe in telling it like it is at 3 so we'll do our best to explain what to consider before getting to grips with your dongle.

When you choose mobile broadband there are three key factors to consider - coverage, reliability and speed. We have the UK's biggest 3G network which means you have the best chance of staying connected at high speeds across the UK whether you are using your dongle at home or on the move.

Turbo Network
When mobile companies talk about 3.6 or 7.2 Mbps they are referring to these theoretical maximum speeds, not speeds you can actually experience - that's why at 3, we say "up to 2.8 Mbps", even though our Turbo Network has a theoretical maximum speed of 3.6 Mbps. But your distance from a mobile mast, trees and other buildings between you and the mast, and the number of users can all influence the speed you experience. Most people on our Turbo Network can expect a speed ranging from 1Mbps to 1.5 Mbps, allowing you to download a 3-4 minute music track in 30 seconds or less.

Check the facts about mobile broadband offers. Are the top speeds offered reserved for a handful of locations near a mobile mast? Or can you connect right across the UK? Our Turbo Network covers 90% of the UK by population, and is growing in size every month. By early 2009 we expect this to be 98%.