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What are mobile data solutions?
Mobile and business technology has evolved significantly over the last few years, and the need to keep information flowing quickly has never been greater than now. The internet and e-mail has created a whole new way in which we all do business, regardless of the type, size or focus of a company.

Mobile devices are now able to embrace these business tools, so if a member of staff are out of sight of their computer, or your field based staff collect information on paper or 'call in' to the office for information, adopting mobile data technology will not just make people work more efficently; it will make significant tangible cost savings too.

There are a few core mobile data solutions, one is becoming known as a "dongle", which simply plugs into your laptop and will connect you to the internet wherever you are,just as though you were at the office or home. However the word that has summed up this 'data on the move', or more specifically e-mail, isBlackBerry®. BlackBerry® offers leading wireless solutions, providing access to a wide range of applications on a variety of BlackBerry devices.

What is the Blackberry advantage?
It's your phone, inbox, diary and browser in one device, and your emails come to you. Here are the top five reasons why you should choose BlackBerry:

1. Integration
It's called the all-in-one solution for a reason. All BlackBerry device functions - phone, email, SMS, diary and browser - are integrated, so you can forget having to memorize numbers or write down addresses. When you click on a URL, phone number or address within an email, your BlackBerry device will launch the web page, dial the number or begin an email to your contact.

2. Ease of use
The BlackBerry device's sleek, lightweight designs allow you to carry it anywhere. Its exceptional battery life lets you do business longer. And its QWERTY keyboard design and trackball are familiar and intuitive, so you can send an email or SMS quickly. Straightforward and easy-to-use.

3. "PUSH" Technology
BlackBerry "push" technology ensures your email is automatically delivered to your BlackBerry device. When your inbox receives an email, the message is pushed directly to your handheld. No effort required - your messages are simply received.

4. Resilience
Finally a wireless device that can hold its own. BlackBerry devices are designed to last.

5. More Life
Battery life, that is. With up to 5 hours' talk time and 12 days' standby time, But also the average user saves an hour a day, which is more life back for you too. Blackberry is available to any business regardless of e-mail set-up, and also for those users with no e-mail. If needed a blackberry e-mail address will be created for you within moments of switching on the handset for the first time, or you simply tell it what your existing settings are.

Why Blackberry?

  • Founded in 1984 by two University Students who are both still with the company.
  • Introduced Blackberry in 1999
  • Took 5 years to grow to 1 million customers.
  • 10 months to add the next 1 million.
  • Now adding 1 million every 3 months.
  • By end of 2006 6.5 million users, as of March 2008, doubled to 13 million.
  • 75% of email traffic carries business related information.
  • Every person in a business to business marketplace receives more 'time critical' e-mails daily than phone calls.

The table above shows how Blackberry's compression software makes the files smaller, making download time quicker and less expensive.

Research in Motion (RIM) have a 2/3 share in the mobile e-mail market. RIM are the founders behind the device today known as the Blackberry, this is testament to the devices and software developed by RIM.

BlackBerry® Professional Software (BPS)

BlackBerry® Professional Software is based on best-in-class BlackBerry® software-but with simplified features that are relevant to your business. You enjoy the same advantages in productivity, management and security, in a package that can be installed on your existing email server reducing the cost compared to the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Designed to mobilize your business
BlackBerry Professional Software is specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses. You and your employees get wireless access to email, business data, the Internet, organizer info and more-all using BlackBerry smartphones.

Worry-free installation, set-up and management
BlackBerry Professional Software installs easily on one existing server. It can be the same one you use for email*-so there's no need to purchase additional hardware. A set-up wizard simplifies the installation process for your IT team and Research In Motion (RIM) provides one free technical support incident.

Control-and peace of mind
BlackBerry Professional Software provides organizations with hands-on control over their BlackBerry smartphones:

  • Browser use - Disable the browser, or prevent access to certain sites
  • Phone - Limit long-distance calling to certain employees or certain numbers
  • Data back-ups - Enforce back-ups of data at intervals defined by you

Stay confident with advanced security features
With BlackBerry Professional software, you can rest easy knowing your information stays protected and confidential. You're arming your business with the same BlackBerry security features that corporations and governments rely on-minus the complexity.

BlackBerry® Professional Software delivers the reliability, features and security performance your employees need. And it's easy to set up and manage, so you can stay focused on running your business.

Simple Installation

  • Pre-install Assistant - performs technical assessment of environment and informs user of issues before installation
  • Installs on existing server - could be the same machine as your email server*
  • Defaults to recommended configuration

Ease of Management

  • Simplified BlackBerry Manager interface
  • Home screen is one-stop location for most management tasks
  • Wizard and quick links are provided for common functions (e.g. add/delete a user)
  • Simplified IT policy templates
  • Technical support options designed for your business

Advanced Security Features

  • End-to-end Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES) encryption
  • Industry-recognized security certifications
  • Local encryption of all data

IT Policies

  • IT policies and commands that enable IT administrators to:
    • Impose device lock-down
    • Wipe data from lost or stolen devices
    • Define and wirelessly enforce security settings such as Bluetooth® lockout and controlling access to voice calling

Not sure if BlackBerry® Professional Software is right for your business? Compare it to BlackBerry® Enterprise Server options that are also available: