Mobile phones are evolving fast. Today's latest handset model is new for literally a few weeks, and obsolete in a few months. The network technologies used are moving on equally as fast, whether it being better quality voice systems, mobile email, mobile internet. These allow businesses to engage in the environment of a 'true workable, on the move office'.
Elite Communications product and market place knowledge is second to none, giving us the provision to construct a personalised programme to companies. However, our services and commitment to you are continuous, with services such as product demonstrations and training, ensuring you take full advantage of all the benefits and features of the products you've purchased.
It is now estimated that 1 billion people have ready access to the internet with websites growing at approximately 15million a year. E-mail is becoming a standard part of business life, just like a phone call. Where fax machines had an impact in the 1980's, e-mail is re-writing the way we communicate in day to day life. Over 50% of the working population have a business associated e-mail address.